Group chat that lets the group actually chat

Sphere is a free
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Bring out the best in your sports club, religious group, professional society, academy of wizards, or hey, even your friend group.

More talk, less chaos

Sphere turns messy back-and-forths into a few simple, unmissable posts, so you can keep chats lively without blowing up everyone’s phone. ✨

Zone in with Zen Flow

Out with the old, and out with anything not for you. Zen Flow is a new way to just see convos you care about and hide the rest, without losing anything. 🏖️

Share the love, your way

Every group has its own love language, from offering carpools to organising pub nights. On Sphere, you can create custom Appreciations to recognise these small but mighty acts of kindness. 🏆

We’re building Sphere now. Be one of the firstgroups to get it.

This is so, so much bigger than chat.

Groups are weird, magical places where people unite.

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When people get together in real life, something interesting happens. We’re kind to strangers. We help each other talk more and listen more.

But on social media we’re more divided than ever.

How so?

We forget to treat each other like we naturally would in real life.

What if we could bring out more group magic online?

Go on ...

What if there was a way that people could truly come together to achieve more?

That’s why we’re building Sphere.

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A community of communities. Sure, an app can’t change the world alone. But we all can, by bringing out the best in each other.


  • A free chat app for groups, designed to foster close, vibrant, purposeful and productive communities.
  • iPhones and Android devices, and on desktop via the web. iPad users can use Sphere on the web.
  • Our whole purpose is to foster safe and healthy communities. We believe that means community apps nowadays must prioritise users’ privacy, but never at the expense of safety or community values. We don’t allow employees at Sphere to access or read messages except when investigating two types of scenarios — (1) suspected illegal activity or (2) behaviour that clearly hurts psychological safety of others in the group (e.g. hate speech, predatory comments, bullying etc.) To make those investigations possible, we provide client-to-server encryption, but not end-to-end encryption, same as Discord or Slack.
    • We use HTTPS and secure web sockets to safeguard communications across the internet. We also don’t store passwords.
    • We work with an independent consultant to keep ourselves compliant.
    • We keep track of all our third party services, and audit them regularly.
    • Our system is explicitly designed to delete data on request, or as it becomes unnecessary.
  • At the moment we‘re lucky enough to have great investors who believe in us and our long term vision. When we shift to figuring out profitability, we have no doubt we‘ll find an approach that won‘t involve selling your data or ruining your free in-app experience.